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AKC Telecommunications provides telephone services to residential and business customers usingalt

the latest voice over IP technology. As a CISCO Certified

Partner and custom systems programmers and designers, we deploy the best brand phones at a price

you can afford.


Whether your company is large or small, branch office or headquarters, single site or multiple offices,

local or international, AKC Telecommunications has the

right phone system for your business. Our IP PBX systems have been designed to be robust, flexible,

reliable and cost effective – and easily scale in both size and

capability. Since the features are delivered as software, you are in control, able to deploy exactly the

features and applications your business requires.





General Business Phone System

The General business plan includes:

$1500.00 one-time setup fee.

$499.99/ Month for a phone server.

$5.00/ Month per phone number

$0.01/ Minute call with in the US, UK, Canada, (Contact us for rates to other countries)

Unlimited Extensions/Lines

Support for Video Conferencing

Free Incoming calls

Automated Answering System, with Menu options and dialing to Known extensions (ie: Thank you for calling …, if you know your party’s extension, you can dial it at any time. For sales, press 1; for tech support, press 2; ..).

Web portal to access extension’s features (Record incoming calls, Record outgoing call, Play/Download recorded calls, Check/Play voice messages, Forward call to cell if not answer after 3 rings, DND, ...)

Conference Rooms with support for over 500 participants with PIN access

Ring Group with prefix (Multiple extensions can ring at the same time still one picks up)

Call Hunt (Multiple extensions can ring one at the time)

Virtual Location simulation (Setting caller ID to appear from a location other than where you are physically located: Physically located in NC, appear to call from SC, UK, France, …)

Music on hold (MP3)

Multiple location support (you can setup an extension a home, in the office or another location, and decide with caller ID you want to display when you make outgoing call, and also decide what direct number you want for your home extension and this can be a number from another state or even another country.

Call Screening: Option to force restricted callers to identify themselves ( If a caller does not have caller ID or they decide to hide it, the system will ask for their name before the call is sent through: “Please say your name then press pound”)

Softphone: Option to setup a line on your laptop or mobile device and receive /make calls through your phone system anywhere you have internet access.

Because we support location virtualization (the caller does not necessary indicate the location or origin of the call), we do not provide or support 911 service.